In addition to making 60% or 80% commission on selling your own products, there are two ways to make money using the Affiliate | Referral Program.

  1. Refer | Recruit other people to become sellers on 
  2. Refer | Promote specific products or specific Sellers.

Use your affiliate link that will be given in your affiliate area dashboard to make money both ways. The affiliate link has a ref/number at the end – this is how the tracking is done so that you get credit for any sign-ups and/or sales. You can track your links here in the Affiliate Area

You can use the affiliate link generator to promote specific products or specific Sellers (method 2). First find the page on the site that is for the specific product or the specific store page of the Seller. Copy the link in the address bar, at the top of your browser and then paste it into the link generator. You can use the created link on your website or on social media or through email. Products purchased through using your links, earns you 2.5% of the sale price of that item.

For method one, use your general affiliate link along with some text to encourage people to become a Seller. If someone signs up using your link, you will get 2.5% of all future sales that Seller makes. This type of commission will show up in your earnings tab of the Seller dashboard – with the commissions you make on selling your own products.

You can double your commission to 5% if you recruit a seller and then promote their products. You would get the 2.5% from recruiting the seller and another 2.5% for promoting a product from that Seller’s store.

You must be a registered seller with to be able to use the Affiliate | Referral program

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