Authorized Daily Prayer Book Hardcover – April 1, 1987 brand new item

Authorized Daily Prayer Book Hardcover – April 1, 1987

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“The Jewish Prayer Book” or the “Siddur” is of paramount importance in the life of the Jewish people. This unique prayer book by the late Chief Rabbi of the British Empire contains the most comprehensive English commentary and introduction ever published and is recognized as one of the greatest historical works on Jewish liturgy. It is the most complete Siddur in Hebrew and English. Its 1,145 page, printed in large, clear type are divided as follows: The Weekday Service, The Service for Sabbath and Festivals, The Life of Man (Private Prayers and Blessings). This Authorized Daily Prayer Book is indispensable to congregation, library, rabbi, student and layman alike



Alexander Motorca

Bloch & Company:

Pioneer Jewish Publishing House in the West

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