Got it! Kitchen

A beautiful new and original card game for the whole family. The goal is to collect all six ingredients and actions on your Recipe Card. The first to collect them all, calls out Got it!, and is the winner.

First designed to create a fun way to learn and strengthen English as Second Language, the game is in three languages: English, Hebrew and Arabic. Play for fun or to learn, strengthen or preserve any of the three languages. Comes with an instruction booklet and with all the real recipes in another booklet!

You are invited to visit our site which, unfortunately, at this time is only in Hebrew, or our Facebook page.

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Michelle Hanadari

20+ years of teaching English and Hebrew in the northern part of Israel in our small center, based in our home in Nazareth Illit. Students from around the area have been coming to us for courses and tutoring and we have provided courses in community centers and businesses In Nazareth Illit and in the surrounding communities. Children, teens and adults, Hebrew and English, Jews, Druze, Christians and Muslims.
We are proud to develop our own teaching materials, as well as our own teaching methods, but also use other materials found on the market.

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