Literature Study: (0) Hamlet – Introduction to the Text

William Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Hamlet’ remains a celebrated text, still being performed worldwide on-stage and also enjoying a number of reimaged film versions. The continued corruption of modern politics and the worldwide challenges towards justice make this an essential text to study as students in the post-modern world. I have taught this text a number of times and have used this specific (revised) resource to lead my teaching in class, as a distance learning material (Google Meet lessons), as a homework assignment and even as a tool of revision – all have worked well for the students.

This beautifully illustrated 30 slide PowerPoint lesson includes a starter activity, a brief author biography, structured exploration questions connected to the themes, structured questions connected to the characterisation of leading characters, an extension task, a homework assignment and a plenary. The study materials within this PowerPoint lesson contain approximately 3 hours teaching time in class. This is a complete resource with no additional work required from the teacher, enjoy!

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Michael Flynn

I am a frontline teacher with 12 years state school experience from inner London schools, and a further 8 years experience teaching internationally in Mexico and Spain. I am now a self-employed English tutor and pretty much a full-time Resource Author. This working life choice allows me to take care of my beautiful American wife and step-daughter, along with my own daughter from a previous relationship - we are a happy disfunctional, yet very loving, little family unit.

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