Literature Study: (1) Of Mice and Men – Chapter 1

John Steinbeck’s classic text, ‘Of Mice and Men’ recounts the hardships and sacrifices of two migrant workers during the Great Depression. This classic tale focuses predominantly on the themes of friendship and loneliness, and the short-comings of the Great American Dream. I have taught this text many times in the last 18 years and I have used this specific resource (revised) to lead my teaching in class, as a distance learning material (Google Meet), as a homework assignment and even as a tool of revision – all have worked well for the students.

This dynamically structured and illustrated PowerPoint lesson includes: an assessment criteria slide, a starter activity, summary and analysis questions, an academic writing task, a theme tracker slide, an extension task, a homework assignment and a plenary. This is a complete resource with no additional work required from the teacher. Enjoy!

*Note: You do not have to be a teacher to purchase products.

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