Nidaa Khouri – “Nidaa Through Silence” A Documentary film (40 Min.)

The poet Nidaa Khouri is fighting for women’s rights in general and Arab women in particular. This fight costs her private life, and robs her of her simple dream to be a woman, mother and a free creative person. 

Nidaa visits her sick mother, and through that visit Nidaa looks at her own life and at her childhood memories – the convent to which she was sent at the age of 14, and her arranged marriage. 

In the film Nidaa reads and cries with words. She is calling out to the Bedouin women she teaches at the university, to shout out and expose their protest against the way their society treats women, and asks them to suggest solutions. Nidaa wants to see results, and through her poems is calling out for change and for a new understanding of the feminine world.

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