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May be used on digital media, posters, flyers, handouts, all types of printing, etc.  

If selling for a profit, however, the condition is that you tithe to Tzeddakah/Charity.

Jewish educational poster suggested size 17″x22″. Have your printer laminate them for durability.

Moshiach will come through Tikkun Olam.

A beautiful teachers’ aide, guide and tool from which a complete lesson or more can be made from each of the middot! This one has the Ashkenaz pronunciation perfect for the classroom, lunchroom or homeschool.


These colorful posters attracts the students’ attention. Motivating and encouraging good behavior, good people skills including positive moral and social values. 

פלקט לכיתה
KIDDUSH HASHEM: Sanctifying Hashem’s name, being a great role model!
HAKARAS HATOV: Gratitude between man and G-d,
also gratitude between man and his fellow.
KIBBUD AV V’EM: Honoring your parents by not sitting in their place,
embarrassing them, speaking before them or contradicting them.
KVOD HARAV: Honoring your teachers and being respectful at all times.
SHMIRAS HALASHON: Being mindful and thinking before you speak.
RACHAMIM BNEI RACHAMIM: Being kind and helpful to each other.
MIPNEI SEIVA TAKKUM: Respecting the elderly, offering them your seat.
TZNIUS: Being modest in dress and behavior.
EMES: Being truthful!
SHALOM: Searching for a peaceful solution.
ANIVUS: Humility, being humble not haughty.
TESHUVAH: Repentance, making amends.
TEFILLAH: Prayer. TZEDAKAH: Charity.
AHAVAS YISROEL: Liking fellow Jews, blocking out the yetzer hara or jealousy. Respecting their different minhagim and backgrounds and being patient with those who haven’t reached their Tikkun yet.
HACHNASAS KALLAH: Helping a new couple especially the poor or orphaned.
SELICHAH & MECHILAH: Forgive and Forget, not holding a grudge (Nekama & Netira).
HACHNASAS ORCHIM: Hospitality, being a good host.
DERECH ERETZ & KVOD: Decent, polite, civilized behavior and being respectful.
BAL TASHCHIS: Not destroying what can be put to good use and not being wasteful.
TZAR L’BAALEI CHAYIM: Unnecessary cruelty to animals.  Having compassion for your pets by feeding them before you eat.
CHESED: Loving kindness, Gemilus Chasadim.
HASHAVAS AVEIDA: Returning lost property.
NIKAYON: Cleanliness, keeping your body and soul pure.
BIKKUR CHOLIM: Visiting the sick.
SAVLANUS: Patience, staying calm in every happening and event in life.
SEDER: Being organized and disciplined in your actions and with your possessions.

Other important keywords include HONESTY, SELF-WORTH, TEAM PLAYER & INTEGRITY  

נוסך אשכנז

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Hannah Glick

Hannah Niva Glick is a Graphic Designer ,Fine and Abstract Artist, who loves working with all different types of media especially oils.
Her Website is: www.jewishsoulart.com
To purchase Originals or for art related questions you may contact her at hnglick@gmail.com
She received a solid Jewish education from her family, Beis Yaakov primary and Hasmonean Grammar school for girls.
Hannah received her training, education and Diploma in Graphic Art and Design at the London College of Printing.

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