The Word Engraver – Aharon Megged (61 Min.) A documentary film

At the age of 11 Aharon Megged wrote his first story. He presented it to his teacher who returned it to Aharon saying: “You will be a writer!, and kissed him on his forehead. The teacher was his father Moshe Megged. 

The film “The Words Engraver” describes the life and creative work of the author Aharon Megged, winner of the Israel Prize for literature. Megged takes us to various places significant to his life, that formed an important basis for his books. Through those the author describes his writing process and describes it a physical work, the work of an engraver of words.

At the end of the film, Aharon who has passed his 90th birthday, promises to continue writing. He has no intention of stopping now.

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