Torah Studies – A Weekly Journey Into The Soul Of Torah. Year 11 Book 39

The book (student version) is a “weekly Journey into the soul of Torah” a collection of weekly classes based on the Torah portion of the week.  Each book holds 12 classes, there 4 books in a year.  You may also purchase the book and use it as a learning tool with the lessons below.

This Is Where It Is At
Lesson 5

Why the Torah Doesn’t Discuss Heaven
Do you expect any reward for being a good person, like eternal bliss or a nice place in heaven? Or maybe you are the altruistic type, just happy to do the right thing? The Torah promises reward for keeping its commandments, but for some reason doesn’t mention any spiritual payback.


REVIVAL OF RUTH How to Make Judaism Real
Lesson 6

Shavuot is the day we received the Torah, and on it we read the Book of Ruth. What is the reason for this custom, and what can we learn from it? Ruth teaches us what it means to accept the Torah—on the Torah’s terms.


JEWISH NUMEROLOGY Understanding the Gematria Method
Lesson 7

The numeric equivalents of Hebrew letters reveal a fascinating world in Jewish thought. When and how should this method be used to draw conclusions in Torah study? Enjoy this overview of the purpose and methodology of gematria.


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