Learn Hebrew with WordPlay.

It is an enjoyable way to learn 52 Hebrew words.

WordPlay is

FUN!  A unique and enjoyable game using 52 Hebrew words.

CREATIVE!  A visual game where children can color in iamges while learning the words.

WordPlay  is an exciting educational card game for children and adults.  It can also be used as flashcards by teachers.

No previous knowledge of the Hebrew language is required.

WordPlay  can be played individually or in groups

WordPlay…  and excellent idea for any age.

Some ideas for the classroom:

  1.  Teach one card at a time.
  2.  Show a card at a time and ask the students to name the image in Hebrew. If they can not name it,  tell them and start all over.
  3.  Repeat step two.  This time time it – see if the students can go through the entire list.  After they go through the entire list, do it again, and see if they can do a better job – faster.
  4. Have two or more students play the game.
    The objective of the game:
    The player with the most cards in his pile at the end of the game, wins.  The game ends when only one player has cards left in hand. (see instruction in the game)

*Note: You do not have to be a teacher to purchase products.

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  • Working with adults.

    I used this game with adults to practice the Hebrew letters and reading. They enjoyed it.

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