Creative Writing Task For The Poem The Road Not Taken

By Guest:  Na’ama Shorr

Story Title: My Treasure

Opening his window shades, during a warm winter day, Jack looked out the window at the house across the street being repaired. The house was a light yellow, with magenta shingles and was sitting on a concrete wall, that just so happened to surround the basement. There was a nice large wooden porch attached to the side of the house. A small brown wooden shed sat next to the porch on the far side of the yard. The house was located on a street corner.

While looking at the house and reflecting on its colors, Jack began to daydream of a day that happened long ago. He was but a boy running about in the woods behind his parent’s farm during a beautiful fall day. The leaves on the trees were a beautiful shade of red. Those that fell were yellowish brown and crunched as his feet landed on them. The wood was wet from the rain that fell hours earlier and the birds were chirping gleefully in the warm rays.

That day Jack ventured out further then he had ever gone before. He pretended to be a pirate looking for treasure. Jack walked and walked and hit a fork. He thought to himself, “Treasure wouldn’t be hidden in plain sight, so I must take the unbeaten path”. He turned and walked through thorns, branches, bushes and tight trees. His clothing ripped and his skin bled. Never once did he look back. As he rounded a big oak tree he reached a clearing. There he saw another wooden house, just like his. He thought to himself, “I’m so close…”.

As Jack neared the house he heard a high pitched elated scream and a splash. He ran towards the sound, peered around the house and saw a lake the size of a corn field. Out of the water popped a girl’s head. She was beautiful. She had dirty blond hair, and as she climbed out of the water her slim body shimmered in the sunlight. Jack couldn’t take his eyes off her. He knew at that moment he found his treasure.

Jack snaps out of his day dream as his wife Amy wraps her arms around him.