Anglo-Saxon Intro Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt as an introduction to the Anglo-Saxon Period to learn more about era in which Beowulf was written.

Includes question posters, QR code posters, student recording sheet, teacher answer key.

Students will read the question posters and then will have to go and find the correct QR code poster that correlates with the question. The QR code posters catchy titles are a clue to help with the correlation. Once students have found the correct poster, they scan the code with their phones and read the website to find the answer to the question poster. They record the answer to the question on their sheet and have the teacher to check their answer before proceeding to the next question poster.

I have searched and compiled a unit of both original and found materials to have all my resources located in one document.

If links become broken, please google the topic with your favorite search engine.

Click on the preview link to view a sample of the product: “The Wanderer” Study Guide / Lesson Plan

56 pages

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