Beating The Bullies – Work Booklet

This worksheet booklet begins by looking at the statistics of bullying and asking the students whether anything surprises them. They are asked to identify what they believe a bully looks and sounds like, which can spark an interesting discussion. We debate what is considered bullying as well as the primary types of bullying; physical, verbal, indirect and more commonly today, cyber.

Why people bully and who they target is considered in conjunction with how a bully could be helped, and whether being a bystander makes them as responsible as the bully. Following on from discussing where to go for help and advice both in and outside of school, the students take part in a group project to act out a television or radio advert to give advice to these being bullied, these are then peer assessed.

The booklet concludes in a class debate as to whether head teachers should be able to discipline students for cyber crimes which occur outside of school.

A range of individual and group activities are incorporated within this booklet, including sharing their own thoughts and ideas from their own experiences, comparing their own ideas with others, working as a group on a collective task and assess these in an appropriate manner.

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