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Empower young minds with our Counting Mastery: 1-12 & 1st – 12th Number Flash Cards! This comprehensive educational math resource is designed to reinforce counting skills from 1 to 12, while also introducing the concept of ordinal numbers from 1st to 12th. These engaging and interactive flash cards make learning numbers a breeze for kids of all ages.


Key Features:


  • Explore 24 vibrant and kid-friendly flash cards featuring numbers from 1 to 12 and ordinal numbers from 1st to 12th.
  • Foster numeracy, memory, and recognition skills with these essential math tools, suitable for preschool and early elementary learners.
  • Perfect for math centers, homeschooling, distance learning, and as a fun and interactive activity for parents and teachers.
  • Durable and double-sided, these flash cards ensure long-lasting use and effective learning experiences.


Recommended for:


  • Educators seeking hands-on math resources to reinforce counting and ordinal number concepts.
  • Parents looking for screen-free and effective educational tools to support their child’s math development.


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Why Choose Our Flash Cards?


Our Counting Mastery: 1-12 & 1st – 12th Number Flash Cards provide a strong foundation for numerical understanding in young learners. Whether they’re just starting to count or learning the concept of ordinal numbers, these flash cards are a versatile and effective tool for developing essential math skills.


Support kids’ numerical growth and make math enjoyable with our interactive flash cards. Elevate counting and ordinal number knowledge to new heights. Get your downloadable set now and empower young minds with the magic of numbers

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