Gratitude Journal for Educators

Gratitude Journal For Educators by I Heart Grade 3 is a must-have tool for teachers who want to cultivate a positive and grateful mindset. This journal is designed to help educators focus on the positive aspects of their daily lives and profession and create a habit of gratitude.

The Gratitude Journal For Educators provides daily prompts that encourage teachers to reflect on the things they are grateful for, such as their students, colleagues, school environment, and personal achievements. By practicing gratitude, educators can enhance their overall well-being and job satisfaction, which can have a positive impact on their teaching and the students they serve.

The journal is crafted 50 high-quality pages that can be copied as many times as needed. It contains daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly prompts, allowing educators to develop a consistent gratitude practice over the course of an entire year. Additionally, the journal includes inspirational quotes and reflections that serve as reminders to stay focused on the positive aspects of teaching and life in general.

Gratitude Journal For Educators by I Heart Grade 3 is a unique and valuable resource for teachers who want to improve their mental health and job satisfaction. With this journal, educators can create a positive and supportive classroom environment that benefits both themselves and their students. Get yours today and start cultivating a habit of gratitude that will transform your teaching and your life.


Topics included in this Journal:

* Daily Journal

* Weekly Planner (2 variations)

* Weekly Reflection

* Monthly Gratitude (2 variations)

* This Year

* What I Like About Myself

* Acts of Kindness

* People I Want to Help

* 30 Days of Kindness (2 variations)

* My Big Goals

* My Prayer List

* Hope Journal

* Dream Journal

* Dear Future Self

* Confidence Journal

* Self-Esteem Journal

* Eisenhower Matrix

* Food Journal

* Accomplishments Tracker

* Where I See Myself in 5 Years

* 100 Things I am Grateful For

* Focus Strategies

* SMART Goals

* Favourite Foods

* Positive Affirmations (2 variations)

* Favourite Books

* Habit Tracker

* Favourite Movies

* Favourite Songs List

* Statement and Affirmations

* Self-Care Checklist

* Exercise Tracker

* My Responsibilities

* Happiness List

* Best Self

* Natural Self

* Strengths and Qualities

* Strengths and Weaknesses

* NOT To-Do List

* Growth Roadmap

* Progress Journal

* Growth Mindset

* Vision Board

* My Core Dreams

* Money Saving Tracker

* Countries I Want to Go


Monica Dunbar

My name is Monica and I am the creator here at I Heart Grade 3. I live in Quebec, Canada. Like you, I wear many hats. I am a mom of three children, a wife, a dog mom, a full time teacher, curriculum creator, published author, figure skating and hockey fan, voracious reader, wine drinker, Tim Hortons fanatic, and afternoon nap time enthusiast!

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