Prepositions Presentation that will assist you to speak flawless Hebrew

Remember: speaking a language is not enough to teach it, even if you are a native speaker.

Knowing the grammar rules makes the difference between people who speak
the language to a people who can teach the language.

תמיד טוב לדעת –
מילות יחס ומילות קישור


mirit sharon

As a former Hebrew and Judaic studies teacher in two Jewish schools in the USA, and as a certified Hebrew language teacher who currently teach Hebrew to native Hebrew speakers in colleges in Israel, I want to suggest a platform that I felt that was missing for the wonderful Hebrew language teachers.

Except for going through the usual route of training that includes learning how to teach a second language, my suggestion is doing a short practical training in which they will learn Hebrew grammar rules, focusing on common mistakes and Hebrew phrases – something that most people, even native speakers, are not familiar with.

This important knowledge will empower the teachers and the way they teach, which will directly affects the students learning.

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