Shapes Worksheets

This packet contains introduction to shapes, making patterns, sides of shapes, graphing by the amount of sides of a shape, shape information cards, adding sides and noticing different shapes in a picture. There is a little bit of everything in this packet regarding shapes and some of the activities will require scissors, colors and glue.

-Cut and paste worksheets. The student cuts the shapes and places them in the corresponding place.

-The student looks at a picture and circles the types of shapes used to make that specific image.

-How many sides do these shapes have? Your kiddos fill in the answer in the square.

-The kiddos count the sides of each shape and write how many sides does the shape have in total.

-These worksheet include addition. The kiddos count the sides of two shapes and add the sides of both shapes. They write their own number sentence with the correct answer.

-The student looks at the shape and fills in the blank for how many sides the shape has.

-How many sides? This is a book that you cut and put together by stapling it. This book is perfect to read and learn the names of each shape and how many sides each has.

-The student looks at a box full of shapes. Then they write down how many of each shapes there are in total.

-The kiddos count the sides of each shape. They show how many sides each shape has by filling in a graph bar.

-The kiddos look at a box full of shapes. They graph how many of each shape there are in a graph bar.

-Match each shape with the correct name.

-Kiddos color the shape to continue the pattern.

-Will continue the pattern by adding a shape.

-The kids draw a line to match the shapes that are the same

-The student circles the shape that has the most sides, no sides, and the least sides.

-Book that you cut and put together by stapling it. In this book the student will fill in the blanks to tell what shape is being shown and how many sides it has.

-Shape information cards that tell the name of shape, how many angles, and sides.

I hope you enjoy this packet full of shapes!


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