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Beginning of the Year Escape Room

Looking for a fun way to get your students moving? Want to have them collaborating at the beginning of the year? Want to leave a lasting and fun impression upon them? Look no further. The Beginning of the Year Escape Room will have students moving and working together to solve different tasks: Puzzle, Maze, Growth […]

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Days To Celebrate 2022-2023

I started putting this booklet together in 2015 to help keep lesson plans, tutor time and assembly topics fresh and relevant for the students. Each year it has grown as new days and events have been suggested and added. The celebrations, or days of note, range from religious holidays, medical awareness days, charity fundraising events […]

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Finding the Gift in Feedback – An Educator’s Guide to Preserving Your Sanity

Finding the Gift in Feedback indicates that “feedback is information about your behavior or performance that helps you align your actions with your goals.” Educators and students avoid feedback or do not seek it because they perceive feedback as a psychological threat. For that same reason, administrators, teachers, students, parents and friends are all reluctant […]

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Dynamic Seating plan

This is a dynamic seating plan that helps keep students in groups and assigned seating that can help your classroom management, but also allows for shifting that keeps students from being frustrated with the same placement all the time.   It is easy to use and brilliant to keep students guessing and happy that they […]

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Little Red Riding Hood A Multisensory Adventure

Join Little Red Riding Hood on her adventures with this fully resourced, step-by-step multisensory story. A multisensory story is told using sensory stimuli (props). The story props are low budget, everyday items found around the home, garden, outdoor areas and in the classroom. This story includes themed, sensory extension activities that link to the EYFS […]

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English Grammar: Modals

Use this set of Powerpoint slides to teach Modals to primary school learners.  Category English Tag 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Homeschool

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English Writing: Procedural Text Writing Task Cards

Use these task cards for students to practise writing procedural texts. Students may choose which task card they prefer – good for differentiated instructions. Comes with a rubric/ checklist for students to peer-edit or check their own work. Category English Tag 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Homeschool

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English Grammar: Complete sentences

Use this set of notes/ worksheets to teach young learners what a complete English sentence is. Comes with examples and questions for practice. Complete with answer key. Category English Tag 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

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This worksheet is a great resource for revising adverbs of frequency. The activity  has to be filled in, and the students should answer how often they do it. A list of adverbs of frequency is also included. The presented printable is also excellent for developing your students’ speaking skills.  Category English, English as a second […]

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