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How to Use Freedom of Speech to Boost Your Creativity

Would you like to develop more creativity? Are you often stumped about how to become more creative?This book shows how anyone, even YOU, can become more creative by using freedom of speech. This work guides you through 19 different creative tools so you too can harness the full power of freedom of expression. Don’t listen […]

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Let’s Use Free Speech to Praise the Vegan Way

Some consider veganism tough I consider it doable Some consider veganism unsound I consider it justified Some consider veganism foolish I consider it wise And how will you feel about veganism After reading this poetry chapbook? 26 pages; 25 poems. Category Other, Wellness/Fitness/Family & Consumer Science Type EBooks Tag Not Grade Specific, Other

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Let’s Use Free Speech to Contemplate Philosophy

Andrew Bushard did the unthinkable: he majored in philosophy. So he is now philosophizing about philosophy. Whether you majored in philosophy or just studied it on your own, this work will surely make you smile and think! Get this book if you love philosophy mixed with humor. 26 pages; 25 poems. Category Other Type EBooks […]

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The Dentist – Helping Individuals Overcome Barriers to Dental Hygiene

‘The Dentist’ is a multisensory poem/story suitable for individuals with SEN, PMLD, ASD, SPD, Complex Needs and Learning Disabilities aged 3 to 19 and for preschoolers and EYFS children. ‘The Dentist’ tells the story of a trip to the dentist using story props that are low budget items found around the home or classroom. The […]

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Journey into Space – A Rhyming Multisensory Story & Exploration of the Solar System & Themed Sensory Extension Activities

‘Journey Into Space’ A Multisensory Exploration of the Solar System & Sensory Themed Extension Activities Table of Contents Buckle Up! Story Prop Checklist    How to Tell a Multisensory Story  Journey Into Space A Multisensory Story         Developing Comprehension & Understanding    Story Map                    […]

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The Beach – A Multisensory Exploration of the Seaside + Themed Sensory Extension Activities

A fully, resourced, step-by-step rhyming multisensory exploration of the seaside plus themed sensory extension activities. This resource is aimed at connecting young children and individuals with special educational needs (aged 3-19) with literature, topic and culture in a way that is meaningful to their lives. Table of Contents: Sourcing Story Props (low budget items found […]

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Let’s Use Free Speech to Start a New Union

With so many labor unions already existing, why do we need a new union? Simply, because these unions don’t serve all qualified people, we need a new union that fills in the gaps. Andrew Bushard filed a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) unfair labor charge against his employer Accenture. The NLRB agent “found merit” in […]

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