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  • I’ve Got an Appointment

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    By: Anne Mohr

    I’ve Got an Appointment $14.95

    By: Anne Mohr

Copyright 2022

I'm a mother who had a child that found it difficult to learn her calendar and time concepts. So I created a fun way to help her learn. She was so delighted to play the game and learn these concepts her dad said I should market it so other children can benefit from the game. So I did just that. I am the author of "I've Got an Appointment" 3 games in 1. Now the game with my encouragement has expanded to over 55 ways to play and open for more, where players have come up with other ways to play. My background was in computer programming and in my career I aspired to not only making my tasks automated but the task of all whom I worked with. I received many awards but the feeling of helping others was far more valuable to me. Now I help children learn while having fun and delight in seeing their faces light up when they get an inspiration to create different ways to play. So my dream is to bring this game to the many families who love to play games and help them teach their younger children the many concepts within this game. Seniors are also enjoying some of the other versions like Quad Solitaire and others. I love playing the game and have played over the years with as many people who wanted to learn how to play this game and other versions of the game.


May 2018

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