Bonna Shejve

  • E-book “David kingdom: revealing truth”

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    By: Bonna Shejve

    E-book “David kingdom: revealing truth” $0.00

    By: Bonna Shejve

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Hi ! My name is Bonna, I am 3o years old, Torah-keeper, has one daughter, live in Ukraine, work. I dedicated all my life to learning Torah & Tanah and wrote book about it which you can find in my store. It is for free. Because I do believe that all knowledge we received from YHYH (Yahawa) Elohim can not be used for commercial purpose. I will be happy to find here sincere and open-minded people who are searching for truth. I invite all of you to join me to wonderful adventures in the world of David kingdom, let's reveal ancient prophecies and find Eretz Israel together in my book! I will appreciate your comments and sharing with friends. Sincerely yours, Bonna Shejve


May 2017

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