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  • Nekudatmaga/Touch point

    ITEM PRICE: $35.00


    By: iris rechter

    Nekudatmaga/Touch point $35.00

    By: iris rechter

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About me I am Iris Cohen Rechter, a graduate of Complementary Medicine in Ridman College, specializes in a variety of touch therapy techniques based mainly on the method of reflexology, deep tissue massage and medical massage. An instructor for early childhood development in accordance with the "first step" method. Workshop's Moderator for parents and children, which gives parents confidence and purchasing basic tools to provide a challenging and optimal developmental environment, which accompanies all stages of baby's development in the first two years of his life. With over 15 years of as experience a therapist for adults and children. I invite you to play, enjoy and learn And especially to love!


Oct 2017

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