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standard – An overview

November 8, 2015 - By is an online platform for teachers, from all over the world, to sell, buy and share educational material.
Teachers can share their products for free, or be paid for them.
1. There are two options to share your educational products:
a. Register as a member – free.
Post your learning tools.
Receive 60% for each product sold,
or give your educational tools for free.
b. Register as a premium member, $59.95 per year.
Post your learning tools.
Receive 80% for each sale,
or give your educational tools for free.

2. Referral:
As a member, you may refer other educators to and receive 5% for each product sold by them.

Your account:
As a member, you have a personalized account page. Once logged in your personalized account, you can post and edit your products, view your purchase history and earnings, edit your profile and contact information.
From your account, you can refer others to
How many people will view your products?
1. When you post an educational tool, you want to promote it to your mailing list and to your social network groups like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Promoting your educational tools on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn, can be done by clicking a button on your products page.
This will bring people to and will create traffic.
Other member sellers have the same vested interest promoting their products, and will do the same. Traffic generates sales, resulting in an additional income, everyone wins.
2. You have a vested interest to refer the website to other educators because you receive 5% of their sales, and they will also promote their products on their social network, and may refer other educators to This will expend the pool of people visiting the site and seeing your products.
3. Member sellers who have a need for your educational tool, will already be acquainted with the website and are more likely to look at what you can offer at
4. Encourage your people to write comments. Research indicates that products that have many comments (good and bad) sell much better than products that have few good comments.

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