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This science article provides the perfect grab and go, print and provide resource that can supplement lessons. It is an article with questions to check comprehension and inspire scientific thinking. I am very proud of this series of science articles and they are rich with information and wonder at the majesty of science. Each science article includes a fun fact(s) to add to the knowledge gained from this article. Formatted in an easy to read and digest manner, each paragraph is numbered to help with referencing and each question answer has a paragraph reference number to point to the specific information (where applicable).


  • Useful for substitute (sub) teaching
  • To extend students
  • To increase scientific literacy in your class
  • A weekly reading task
  • Great as a lesson filler when class goes too fast
  • To inspire students on a particular topic
  • Give a selection of these articles for students to choose from


  • 3 page PDF teacher version with answers – The first two pages have the content and blank space for students to use when this resource is printed out.

More will be coming to cover other subjects and other topics, so please do keep an eye out for more science articles from The Teaching Astrophysicist!

If you have any questions, please feel to DM me on instagram @theteachingastrophysicist

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