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A worksheet designed to test students’ knowledge on differentiating between direct and indirect characterization. This worksheet provides sentences that students are to place in a table under the appropriate heading. Category English language arts Type Activities Tag 8th Grade

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Elements of Plot

This crossword puzzle is useful to reinforce lessons whether in class or for homework. It will help teachers to see if students understand the basics of the elements of plot before the advanced lesson is done. It consists of descriptions and puzzle boxes that are easily figured out if the students have learnt the topic […]

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Finding the Gift in Feedback – An Educator’s Guide to Preserving Your Sanity

Finding the Gift in Feedback indicates that “feedback is information about your behavior or performance that helps you align your actions with your goals.” Educators and students avoid feedback or do not seek it because they perceive feedback as a psychological threat. For that same reason, administrators, teachers, students, parents and friends are all reluctant […]

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Science Bingo – Grade 6, 7 and 8 – Cambridge checkpoints syllabus associated

Science Bingo – Grade 6, 7 and 8. Two versions of science bingo the first is larger and is suitable for a longer game of science bingo, it has 6 x 6 grids for the answers and associated clues. The second bingo set is 5 x 5 and more suitable for younger students. DISCLAIMER: The […]

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IB MYP Unit planner set (8 units) STEM Education

IB MYP Unit planner set (8 units) STEM education. This is a set of all the IB MYP unit planners that are on Teachers trading from the Teaching Astrophysicist.   This contains the following units which can also be purchased individually: IB MYP Artificial limb unit – MYP Mathematics STEM unit planner IB MYP Unit […]

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Plants unit for grade 6/7/8 – full presentation for entire unit

Plants unit for grade 6/7/8 – full presentation for entire unit. This presentation gives the backbone for a full unit around plants that can run for approximately 2 – 3 weeks and was given as the introduction unit for the start of school. It has accompanying presenters notes embedded in the presentation to explain where […]

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Dynamic Seating plan

This is a dynamic seating plan that helps keep students in groups and assigned seating that can help your classroom management, but also allows for shifting that keeps students from being frustrated with the same placement all the time.   It is easy to use and brilliant to keep students guessing and happy that they […]

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Hertzsprung Russel Diagram presentation IB MYP Physics

This is a lesson presentation for the Hertsprung Russel (HR) diagram, which was developed for IB MYP students originally in MYP 3, but could be used / adapted for older or younger students. Category Science Type PowerPoint Tag 10th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade

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IB MYP NGSS unit planner – Chemical change and energy

This IB MYP NGSS related unit planner showcases how you can teach using both the IB MYP and the NGSS together. The content for this unit is chemical change and energy with regards to exothermic and endothermic reactions. Category Science Type Unit Plans Tag 10th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade

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IDU – Electricity / lightning – IB MYP STEM unit plan

This is a project based Interdisciplinary unit planner that looks at Science and Design with regards to electricity and lightning as topics of interest. Category Science Type Unit Plans Tag 10th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade

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