Face Reading Secrets for Successful Relationships

What can a single glance tell you about a person? If you know what to look for…PLENTY! Morphology (face reading) reveals the many secrets that are hidden in people’s faces. Yes, in this exciting book Dr. Reznik teaches you how to read faces!
Using this powerful tool you will gain vital, life saving knowledge. This is your key to discovering essential information about the people in your life, the people you are going to meet and yourself!
So… what can Morphology do for you? Morphology can help you to: * know how to recognize and choose your soul mate; * start off a relationship with someone who has character traits that complement your temperament and personality; * use this powerful tool to resolve misunderstandings and power struggles in your existing relationships. * understand the ways people think, the reasons for their behavior, and the means to satisfy their needs. Choose right, read the signs and live well!

Dr. Peter Reznik is a recognized specialist in the fields of mental imagery, dream work, human morphology, clinical hypnosis, and holistic counseling. With over 30 years of experience, he has practiced Mind-Body Integrative Therapy, and conducted wellness seminars internationally.

Pages: 183
Pdf format

*Note: You do not have to be a teacher to purchase products.

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