Living On An Island – The Pitcairn People

The Pitcairn People live on the island of Pitcairn, a small landmass which together with Henderson, Ducie and Oeno, make up the Pitcairn Islands Group in the South Pacific. 250 people once inhabited this picturesque island, but this has dwindled to around 50 today, and it is predicted by 2045 only three people of working age will live on the island. The students discuss why they think the populous is leaving the island and what impacts this may have on those remaining. The students learn about the successful beekeeping and honey production on Pitcairn and examine what this could mean for the island’s future.

A range of individual and group activities are incorporated within these worksheets, including, gathering research from print and video, annotating their thoughts, and ideas and drawing and interpretating graphs.

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