Long Vowel A /ā/ → Orton-Gillingham Inspired Concept Card

This Orton-Gillingham Inspired Concept Card may fulfill the first and part of the second component of the OG Lesson plan and/or facilitate students’ multi-sensory experience overall. It directly informs students of the letter’s name and its sounds. The teacher may discuss the location of the letter in the alphabet and whether the sounds are voiced or unvoiced. This resource is suitable for both neurotypical and neurodivergent students facing learning disabilities and/or disorders; consequently, requiring reading intervention strategies. The colors, fonts, item dispositions, and every other aspect of this product have been chosen with said students in mind. This is owing to the fact that, for inclusive and equitable quality education, we MUST tailor the education of our students to their unique abilities™!

I used this resource in my Middle School Special Education classroom comprised of students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, and aphasia. And, it was a great success. I pointed at the different spelling patterns, went over each letter, and concluded by saying its sound aloud. My students appreciated the interaction, learned the sound, and improved their reading skills.


  • Whether studying one spelling pattern at a time or reviewing all Long Vowel A Sounds, first go over the concept card with the students, then allow them to show you the limit of their skills, offering assistance as needed.

If you would like this or any other product in my store tailored to your students’ individual needs and/or interests, reach out through: creativeclaudia@yahoo.com


Ms. Cláudia's Creative Corner

To ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, we MUST tailor the educational experience of our students to accommodate their diverse social, emotional, and cognitive capabilities. While my materials alone cannot encompass all aspects of effective teaching, I hope that they serve as useful tools to empower you—dedicated educators—to meet these crucial objectives.

If you would like one of my products tailored to your students' individual needs and/or interests, reach out through: creativeclaudia@yahoo.com

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