Measurement Math Facts Packet

I originally made this packet for my third grade students to do after they finished their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts packets. In addition to being used as an independent work packet, it can also be used as an intervention or taken apart to be used as support during a measurement unit. It would also be beneficial to high school chemistry students practicing converting units.


These are the worksheets in this packet:

Inches or Feet?

Convert Inches, Feet, and Yards

Meters or Centimeters?

Meters, Centimeters, and Millimeters

Compare Kilometers, Meters, Centimeters, and Millimeters

Ounces or Pounds?

Grams or Kilograms?

Converting Weight and Mass

Grams, Milligrams, and Kilograms

Cups and Pints

Pints and Quarts

Quarts and Gallons

US Customary Units of Capacity

Comparing Millilters and Liters

Time and Temperature

Calculate Area

Measuring Centimeters

Measuring Inches

Calculate Perimeter


Each of those are one page, and there is also a copy of each page with the answers in the packet.


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