SPELL an the Sound!

SPELL and the Sound!

This booklet was designed so that the user can look up any sound spelling of a base word by identifying if the sound is in the beginning, middle or end of the word.  The most common spelling of that sound is listed at the top of the table to the least common spelling at the base of the table.  Unusual spellings of that sound are also listed in the box at the end of each table.  If the word has a Prefix or a Suffix added to the base word then the base word is the indicator of the correct spelling.  The user chooses what they think is correct spelling and inserts into the base word.  Usually, the user can identify if the spelling is incorrect because their reading skills are more advanced.  On occasions, students may need guidance if a correct spelling cannot be identified.  By looking up the sound spellings, the student becomes more familiar with spellings for each specific sound and will consolidate their learning of each sound spelling.  In particular, students with specific learning disorders may find this booklet very helpful in the consistency of understanding that one sound can have different spellings.

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Jeanette Cahir

I am a Specialist Literacy Teacher who works predominately with students with Specific Learning Disorders. I designed this booklet to help students identify and remember the spellings of the sounds in each word by categorising the spellings as beginning, middle and end of words.

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