STEM Climate Change Project

This product is a STEM project that calls for students to utilize GRACE data from NASA and their own research to create a graph on Excel that supports the position assigned to them of either being a denier of global warming or an advocate of global warming. Students will be given focus questions that enables them to participate in a Socratic Seminar. Students will conduct peer review at the end of the Socratic Seminar. The file is pdf format.

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Christina Sorrentino

Ms. Christina Sorrentino is a graduate of the Teacher Education Honors Academy (TEHA) at the College of Staten Island, where she spent four years of her undergraduate studies receiving hands on experience in the teaching field by assisting in middle school and high school classrooms. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Adolescent 7-12 Education. Ms. Sorrentino then went on to receive a Masters of Education with a concentration in Middle Generalist 5-8 Special Education. She has taught chemistry, living environment, earth science, and religion in general education and Integrated co-teaching classrooms.

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