Stem Cells Debate Lessons Bundle

The Common Core calls for students to be able to not only cite textual evidence, but to use evidence to engage in argumentative and counter-argumentative activities. What better to accomplish such a feat then to have your students debate!

This packet includes a Stem Cell Research PowerPoint (in pdf form), which goes with the Stem Cell Research Common Core Task Lessons, which leads up to a Stem Cell Research Debate. These lessons are a part of a genetics or reproduction living environment unit. There are Stem Cell Research Fact Finder Differentiated Handouts, which are great for a jigsaw activity, Differentiated Pre-Debate/Debate Handouts for high and low level learners, Role Cards, and a Common Core Aligned Debate Rubric. All sheets are in pdf format.

These lessons are for approximately a week of instruction, if all of the research is done in the classroom.

*Note: You do not have to be a teacher to purchase products.

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