Super Size Me Movie Lessons Bundle

The Common Core calls for students to be able to not only cite textual evidence, but to use evidence to engage in argumentative and counter-argumentative activities. What better to accomplish such a feat then to have your students debate!

This product NOW includes the lesson plans, lessons that can be a part of a nutrition unit and are aligned to the Common Core Danielson Framework and a PowerPoint to go with the lessons. You will need access to technology for these lessons; SmartBoard/LCD Projector/Television and computer access for students. If you do not have access to computers for your students you can assign them the research part of the lessons as homework. The entire bundle consists of 32 pages.

The lessons were created to be used with the Super Size Me Movie. The packet includes: A Motivational Activity, Super Size Me Movie Differentiated Discussion Questions handouts for high and low level learners, a Suggested Websites Research Handout to aide students with conducting their research for the debate, Differentiated Pre-Debate/Debate Handouts for high and low level learners, Role Cards, McDonald’s Menu Food Cards, and a Common Core Aligned Debate Rubric. I have also now added black and white versions of the handouts for those who wish to save ink. The files are pdf format.

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Christina Sorrentino

Ms. Christina Sorrentino is a graduate of the Teacher Education Honors Academy (TEHA) at the College of Staten Island, where she spent four years of her undergraduate studies receiving hands on experience in the teaching field by assisting in middle school and high school classrooms. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Adolescent 7-12 Education. Ms. Sorrentino then went on to receive a Masters of Education with a concentration in Middle Generalist 5-8 Special Education. She has taught chemistry, living environment, earth science, and religion in general education and Integrated co-teaching classrooms.

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