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The Sun provides us with heat, light and most of the energy we get here on Earth, but it has layers of complexity as well as physical layers too. The Sun is a huge ball of plasma and is insanely hot beneath the surface, while the surface is only a mild 5000 degrees centigrade. Since it is so very important to life on Earth, it feels worth learning about with this teaching resource.

There is also a corresponding science article as well which is available which pairs well with this item.

This research project template provides the perfect grab and go, print and provide resource that can supplement lessons. It is an project template with questions to check comprehension and inspire scientific thinking. It gives a rich and supportive framework that can be tweaked as needed for students to support differentiation.

Each research project template includes space for a one paragraph summary (that may or may not link to the 2 page science article also available on this topic). Students should produce a mathematical connection, an engineering / technology connection, 2 interesting facts / stats. Further there are 5 glossary terms they should fill in with their own words and 3 thought provoking questions (ie: critical thinking questions) they must answer. Finally, each template has 3 alternative thought provoking questions for younger students and 3 other alternative harder questions to extend high flying or older students. Giving you a total of 9 possible thought provoking questions that could be used with students to enhance their research and critical thinking.

This template is some of my best work and I am proud to share it with you.


  • Useful for substitute (sub) teaching
  • To extend students
  • To increase scientific literacy and research skills in your class
  • Great as a lesson filler when class goes too fast and you need a long running task
  • To inspire students on a particular topic
  • As a scaffold to support students who need support on research skills and can use a framework
  • To enhance critical thinking when doing research and making a relevant and interesting output
  • Give a selection of these research project templates for students to choose from
  • To enhance students ability to express ideas and synthesis knowledge



  • 5 page PDF teacher version with supporting appendix items – the first 3 pages contain only the student related items / version

More will be coming to cover other subjects and other topics, so please do keep an eye out for more science articles from The Teaching Astrophysicist!

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