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Finding the Gift in Feedback – An Educator’s Guide to Preserving Your Sanity

Finding the Gift in Feedback indicates that “feedback is information about your behavior or performance that helps you align your actions with your goals.” Educators and students avoid feedback or do not seek it because they perceive feedback as a psychological threat. For that same reason, administrators, teachers, students, parents and friends are all reluctant […]

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This worksheet gives students an opportunity to practise social media vocabulary in a crossword setting. It’s useful for working on your studens’ spelling, reading and writing skills. It is best suited for learners at B1/B2/C1 levels: Business/ professional High school Adults            Category Business, English as a second language, English language […]

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How Can Alternative Parties Learn from Dry Counties and Other Dry Victories?

The Prohibition Movement has succeeded at persuading local areas to establish dry counties. Private institutions have also gone dry. What can these dry victories teach alternative parties? How can alternative parties leverage the lessons of these dry victories? This booklet encourages alternative parties to analyze the Dry Movement and to emulate the Dry Movement’s successes. […]

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המדריך השלם לחפירות הר-הבית אילת מזר

 המדריך הינו יצירת מופת המאפשרת לקהל הרחב לחוש ולהכיר מקרוב את שרידי העבר כפי שנחשפו בחפירות הר-הבית והפכו לנכסי צאן-ברזל בקדמוניות ירושלים. טדי קולק כריכה רכה 104 עמודים הוצאת שהם – מחקר אקדמי ופרסום נשלח מישראל Category Archeology, History, Israel Type Books Tag Adult Education, College/University, Informal Education, Not Grade Specific, Other

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The Monastery of the Virgins Byzantine Period Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem

The archaeological evidence points to the second half of the 4th century CE for the construction of the monastery.   Soft Cover Pages – 60 Shoham – Academic Research and Publication, Jerusalem Delivered from Israel Category Archeology, History, Israel Type Books Tag Adult Education, College/University, Homeschool, Informal Education, Not Grade Specific

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The Ophel Excavations to the South of the Temple Mount 2009-2013

The  Ophel excavations to the south of the Temple Mount from 2009 to 2013 were renewed and were carried out under the directorship of Dr. Eilat Mazar on behalf of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This volume, the first in a multi-volume series of the final reports of the renewed excavations’ results, includes the final […]

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King Davids Palace in Hebrew – Dr. Eilat Mazar (Hebrew)

“התיאור ההיסטורי בספר שמו”ב פרק ה’, על דוד ונבי בריתו הפיניקים, הבנאים בעלי המוניטין, שבונים עבורו ארמון חדש, תואם לאין ערוך את העובדות שהתגלו עד כה בחפירות מבנה האבן הגדול.  בניית הארמון במיזם בנייה רב ממדים מחוץ לחומות העיר תואמת את חזונו של דוד להתפשטות העיר צפונה לעבר הר המוריה, שם תכנו לבנות את בית […]

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