Case Studies: Basal Ganglia Disorders


You will receive 3 cases, which includes instructor slides and the accompanying quiz zip files (which can be uploaded directly into your LMS). The instructor slides include information about the content, pedagogical decisions, suggested LMS quiz settings, and instructor instructions so you know you are prepared at the start of class.

As the instructor progresses through the instructor slides on the projected screen the students simultaneously progress through the LMS quiz on their computers. This case-based learning activity utilizes team-based learning and collaborative testing. Students work in groups to answer the LMS quiz questions and can’t proceed to the next set of questions until the instructor progresses to the next slide. This keeps the class together and give the instructor the opportunity to review questions before proceeding.

As the purchaser you will have the ability to edit the content of the slides and LMS quiz to meet the needs of your lesson.

The cases were created for clinical doctorate students in their foundational science courses. The cases are probably most appropriate for upper-level anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology courses. However, they may be adjusted for other levels.

PLEASE NOTE: This set of cases includes a case available for free. You will receive 1 case (that is also available to download for free) and 2 additional cases.

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I teach anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to clinical doctorate students.

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