The Weather – A Fully Resourced, Step by Step Multisensory Story plus Extension Activities

Some young children and individuals with special educational needs and disabilities dislike or even have a fear of certain types of weather e.g. Thunder and lightning or very windy weather.  

The weather is a constant presence in our lives and is always changing its form, therefore it is important to help individuals build a tolerance and understanding of  the different weather conditions and how they affect us.

Many of the clothes and items used for taking precautions in different weathers often have textures and smells that may be overwhelming for an individual with sensory processing challenges e.g. wearing hats, and sunglasses and tolerating wearing sunscreen in hot weather or wearing or a waterproof jacket and wellingtons in the rain or a scarf and gloves in the winter.

This resource aims to address these sensory challenges though a fully resourced, step-by-step multisensory story. Repeated exposure to sensory stimuli can help to desensitise and normalise the sensory experiences for our individuals.

The combination of the sensory stimuli, rhyme and the repetitive structure of the stories forms an excellent base on which to scaffold learning.

This resource included themed, sensory extension activities that link to areas of the curriculum making it suitable for Early Years, Primary, EAL and Speech and Language students.

The story is told in the first person experiencing the different types of weather, the snow, sun, rain, wind, thunder, fog and a rainbow. 

Table of Contents
Story Props 
The Weather – Full Poem 
How To Tell a Multisensory Story 
The Weather Step-by-Step Multisensory Poem 
Weather Themed Listening Game 
Weather Themed Sensory Bag 
Weather Themed Sensory Bin 
Seasonal Weather Boxes 
Weather Themed Art & Craft 
Record the Weather 
The Weather Forecast 
Weather Observation & Scientific Investigation 
Make a Rainbow 
Rainbow’s End Treasure Hunt 
Weather Activity Ideas & Inspiration 
Get in Touch 
Other Titles in This Series

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