Calendar Glam: Cactus Theme

Calendar Glam: Cactus Theme

Calendar Glam: Cactus Theme from I Heart Grade 3 is the perfect addition to any classroom, home office, or personal space. This stylish and functional calendar set features a shiplap design that is both modern and classic, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere wherever it is placed. It is designed to be used with the Deluxe Calendar pocket chart that you can purchase through your favourite educational retailer.

Designed by a seasoned teacher with a love for organization and style, this calendar set includes everything you need to keep your schedule on track. The large, easy-to-read calendar pieces are perfect for keeping track of important dates and deadlines, while the coordinating labels and accents add a touch of flair to your space.

This set includes 12 monthly headers, 31 numbered calendar squares, and 5 blank squares, allowing you to customize your calendar to fit your unique needs. It also includes birthday cards, no school cards, and all holidays to spice up your calendar chart the whole year through.

Whether you are a teacher looking to add some charm to your classroom or a professional looking to spruce up your office, Calendar Glam: Cactus Theme from I Heart Grade 3 is the perfect choice. With its stylish design and easy-to-use features, this calendar set is sure to become a favourite among anyone who values style and organization.

This file includes:

• 12 monthly calendar headings

• 7 days of the week cards

• 31 day cards

• 6 Happy Birthday cards

• 6 Field Trip cards

• 6 No School cards

• 9 pages of school events and holiday cards

• Decorative elements to add to empty card spaces and header

* Today is, Yesterday Was, and Tomorrow Will Be cards as well as Days of the Week headers

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