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Finding the Gift in Feedback – An Educator’s Guide to Preserving Your Sanity

Finding the Gift in Feedback indicates that “feedback is information about your behavior or performance that helps you align your actions with your goals.” Educators and students avoid feedback or do not seek it because they perceive feedback as a psychological threat. For that same reason, administrators, teachers, students, parents and friends are all reluctant […]

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Dynamic Seating plan

This is a dynamic seating plan that helps keep students in groups and assigned seating that can help your classroom management, but also allows for shifting that keeps students from being frustrated with the same placement all the time.   It is easy to use and brilliant to keep students guessing and happy that they […]

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Blake Dyslexia Variation Course and Worksheets

THE BLAKE DYSLEXIA VARIATIONS COURSE The Blake Dyslexia Variations Course helps to train TO be a better reader.  This fantastic Dyslexia Reading course helps you achieve comprehension of your own Reading Habits. Some Readers consistently read the word ‘ people ‘ as ‘ deople ‘.  If you learn the 15 Dyslexia Variations for the word ‘people’, you will improve […]

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Science: Teaching how to read flow charts

Use this set of PowerPoint slides to teach learners how to read flow charts. Comes with authentic examples that are readily comprehensible.  Category Science Type PowerPoint Tag 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Homeschool

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English Grammar: Modals

Use this set of Powerpoint slides to teach Modals to primary school learners.  Category English Type PowerPoint Tag 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Homeschool

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English Writing: Procedural Text Writing Task Cards

Use these task cards for students to practise writing procedural texts. Students may choose which task card they prefer – good for differentiated instructions. Comes with a rubric/ checklist for students to peer-edit or check their own work. Category English Type Task Cards Tag 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, Homeschool

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English Grammar: Complete sentences

Use this set of notes/ worksheets to teach young learners what a complete English sentence is. Comes with examples and questions for practice. Complete with answer key. Category English Type Printables Tag 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

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This worksheet is a great resource for revising adverbs of frequency. The activity  has to be filled in, and the students should answer how often they do it. A list of adverbs of frequency is also included. The presented printable is also excellent for developing your students’ speaking skills.  Category English, English as a second […]

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This worksheet gives students an opportunity to practise social media vocabulary in a crossword setting. It’s useful for working on your studens’ spelling, reading and writing skills. It is best suited for learners at B1/B2/C1 levels: Business/ professional High school Adults            Category Business, English as a second language, English language […]

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