Chat Sessions for Responses to Literature

Chat Sessions for Responses to Literarture

Chat Sessions for Responses to Literature by I Heart Grade 3 is a valuable resource for educators and students alike. This resource offers interactive chat sessions designed to help students understand and analyze literary texts at a deeper level.

Teachers lead the sessions to provide guidance and support to students as they explore different literary elements, such as writing introductions, preparing summaries, exploring the author’s message, structures and features used by the author, making connections, preparing opinions, and writing conclusions. By engaging in these chat sessions, students can develop critical thinking skills and gain a better understanding of the texts they are reading.

In addition to the chat sessions, this resource also includes materials that educators can use to supplement their classroom instruction. These resources include lesson plans, worksheets, and other materials to scaffold and provide support to students. With these resources, educators can help their students build a strong foundation in literacy skills and develop a lifelong love of reading.

Chat Sessions for Responses to Literature by I Heart Grade 3 is an excellent resource for educators who want to help their students develop a deeper understanding of literature. With its interactive chat sessions and comprehensive resources, this program can help students become more confident and engaged readers.


Topics in this chat session include:

•Preparing for the Introduction

•Preparing for the Summary

•Preparing for the Author’s Message

•Preparing for Structures and Features

•Preparing for Making Connections

•Preparing for Opinions

•Preparing for Conclusions


Included in this file are:

* Teacher Info sheets for each chat session with information about what you need, what your students need, and a place for you to keep your own personal notes

* 3 slides for each topic that can be projected onto SmartBoard or screen , or printed out.

* Handouts and posters for students

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