Common Core Social Justice Unit Bundle

This product is 86 pages and consists of an entire common core aligned unit, which includes the unit plan, the lesson plans, all handouts and rubrics that correspond with the lessons along with the PowerPoint that goes with the unit. It is intended to be aligned with Human Rights Month, which is December, The unit plan bundle is designed for 9-12 graders and ends with the students completing a service learning project. The unit (17 days of lessons) will take approximately three and a half weeks to teach depending on the type of learners that are in your class. You will need access to technology for these lessons; Laptop/Computer access for students. There are pdf files and an mp4 file for this product.

Lessons – Global Issues: Finding a Solution (2 Days)
In the first lesson of the social justice unit students will look at and analyze the relationships between all human life and how our actions either positive or negative affect others in the world around us. Students will be viewing the news either in the morning or in the evening to look at the present day local, state, national, and international issues. They will also be reviewing the different efforts that various not-for-profit organizations take to help alleviate these global issues.

Lessons – Global Issues: Taking Action (3 Days)
In the second lesson of the Social Justice Unit students will learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the action that they can take as students to defend the basic rights of people that are being attacked across the globe. Students will participate in the Amnesty International “Write-for-Rights” Global Writing Campaign, which takes place in December every year during Universal Human Rights Month. December 10th is Universal Human Rights Day.

Lessons – Service Project Girls’ Education (12 Days)
In the third lesson of the Social Justice Unit students will research different non-profit organizations that have the main objective of providing the opportunity for girls in foreign countries to receive an education. Students will look at different actions being taken by these organizations to accomplish their goal for girls world-wide and then they will come up with their own service project based on three different options to aide in awareness and action of providing every girl around the world with the opportunity to receive an education. Students will present their service project to their own class, or if possible another class, or the whole school by creating a PowerPoint/Prezi Presentation, Poster Board or Tri-board depending on which option they choose for their service project

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