“The Pirate Captain Toledano” Award-winning Short film about Jewish Pirates – Now on DVD!

You can now own “The Pirate Captain Toledano” on DVD!

“The Pirate Captain Toledano” is the award-winning short film by filmmaker Arnon Z. Shorr. It is the world’s first film set in the world of Jewish pirates in the Caribbean.

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“The Pirate Captain Toledano” tells the story of a Jewish refugee from the Spanish Inquisition who wants to join a pirate crew to attack Spanish ships. When he is caught as a stowaway on a pirate ship, the Pirate Captain Toledano must decide whether to make him a pirate… or to make him walk the plank.

Total Running Time: 10 minutes
DVD Region: Region Zero (universal compatibility)

Bonus Features:
-Director’s Commentary by Writer/Director Arnon Z. Shorr
-Commentary on Historical Accuracy by Pirate History Consultant Richard Rasner
-Subtitles in Spanish, Italian and French


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Arnon Shorr

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