Geography And Media: Movie-Induced Tourism (Unit Of Work)

This unit of work is a fun way to teach tourism and to include films in your lesson. It helps students to explore the connection between geography and media, specifically through movie-induced tourism.

First to be explored is the representation of place through books and film and the different impressions they can give to one place. The motivation of tourism is discussed through push and pull factors in relation to place, performance, and personality.

Local Area Promotion is investigated before, during and after a film’s release. We look at the impacts this can have both positively and negatively in terms of socially, economically, and environmentally on the local area. To this end a case study is completed regarding Bourne Woods, Surrey, England which is the backdrop of many major blockbusters and whether the students believe it should advertise this, in addition to its natural beauty by the Forestry Commission.

Measuring the number of tourists or visitors to some areas in respect to what led then there can be difficult and the students suggest the best procedures in collecting this information.

The unit of work concludes with the students investigating pre-existing movie tours and designing their own which is then peer-assessed.

File also includes two PowerPoints, a video, and worksheets

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