Tribes Around The World – Unit Of Work

This booklet introduces the students to some of the many tribes still found around the world, it helps them to understand their individualities, as well as their struggles and accomplishes over their harsh environment, be it the rainforest, mountains, deserts, or an island, and the ever changing modern and outside world. Tribe’s studies are:

The Kayapo Tribe
The Yanomami Tribe
The Matsés Tribe
The Awá
The Chagga People
The Sherpa People
The Quechua Tribe
The San People
The Matmata People
The Pitcairn People
The Inuit People
The Maasai Tribe

A suitable settlement site is investigated before discussing what is meant by an indigenous tribe and their locations around the world. The booklet concludes with the students creating their own tribe and explaining their various characteristics.

A range of individual and group activities are incorporated within this booklet, including, gathering research from print and video, annotating maps, their thoughts, and ideas, drawing graphs and story boards, face painting and peer assessing.

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