Geologic Time scale colorful poster

Geologic time scale
Earth’s history in this vibrant and educational Geological Time Scale Poster!
From the formation of Earth to the ‘Cambrian Explosion,’ the rise of dinosaurs, the evolution of early mammals, and human evolution.
Perfect for the classroom, this Montessori-inspired timeline features:
Colorful Illustration:
  • Engaging visual representation of Earth’s timeline from the Hadean Eon to the Present.
Highlighting Most Important Life and Animals:
  • Explore key life forms from each period, including the fascinating creatures that shaped our planet.
Versatile File Formats:
  • PDF format
  • EPS vector format for flexibility. Vector files are scalable to any size without compromising quality, allowing for optimal classroom display. Easily customizable EPS vector files (excluding fonts) for personalized touches.
  • High-resolution JPG file
Created by me using Adobe Illustrator, ensuring relevance and accuracy. 
Terms of Use:
  • Intended for use by the original purchaser for classroom and personal use.
  • Direct resale is strictly prohibited.
Note: Fonts are expanded, ensuring consistent display across platforms. Purchase today and bring Earth’s history to life in your classroom!
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