Hebrew Vowel & Phonics Puzzle BUNDLE – SAVE BIG!

These Hebrew Phonics Puzzles are a fantastic tool for teaching Hebrew reading, spelling, and vocabulary. This bundle includes all six Hebrew Phonics Puzzle packets, covering the “A,” “E,” “I,” “O,” and “U” vowels. Each packet has 12-24 puzzles (there are 108 in all), a comprehensive educator’s guide that includes a quick & easy Hebrew reading tutorial + activity suggestions, and a pronunciation chart that lists each vocabulary word in Hebrew and English, along with its transliteration and pronunciation.

Why buy each packet separately when you can get the entire set for more than 30% off? Get yours today!

**After placing your order, please email info@thekefar.com with your order number, and a Zip File with all six packets will be sent to you. The files are too large to upload directly to Teachers Trading. Thank you! **

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T'helah Ben-Dan

Shalom! I'm an early childhood educator and curriculum designer from Brooklyn, NY. I ran an immersive Hebrew early learning program in Charlotte, NC for three years, during which I created many of the materials in my shop. Right now I teach English as a Foreign Language in southern Israel, where I continue to teach Hebrew and design educational materials for children and families.

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