Hebrew Alef Bet Clothespin Cards

These Hebrew Alef Bet Clothespin Cards are a versatile and fun way to learn letters and tons of vocabulary, all while developing and strengthening fine motor skills and/or memory recall. With 92 full-color cards, an educator’s guide, and complete pronunciation chart with translations and transliterations, this set provides lots of fun learning time and is a breeze for teachers and homeschoolers. Kefar Hebrew products empower you to teach your children Hebrew, if you don’t read/know the language well – or at all!

These Hebrew Alef Bet Clothespin Cards help children identify initial letter sounds, and learn lots of words they can use immediately. The pinning action with the clothespins also offers lots of fine motor skill practice. Your learners are sure to have lots of fun with these!


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T'helah Ben-Dan

Shalom! I'm an early childhood educator and curriculum designer from Brooklyn, NY. I ran an immersive Hebrew early learning program in Charlotte, NC for three years, during which I created many of the materials in my shop. Right now I teach English as a Foreign Language in southern Israel, where I continue to teach Hebrew and design educational materials for children and families.

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