Tribes Of The Mountains

About a tenth of the Earth’s population live in mountainous areas. These worksheets look at the lives of the Chagga People, Sherpa People, and Quechua Tribe.

The Chagga People live on Mount Kilimanjaro however, since the area was given National Park status in 1970, they have seen an increase in tourists which has resulted in their displacement to the dry, dusty plains below. The children are taught to love and respect the mountain through their geography lessons; although many families are unable to afford school necessities, and some don’t attend at all. Your students are tasked to choose how to spend £15,000 of aid to help double school attendance and petition the Minister Of Education.

The Sherpa People live in Nepal and have become heavily influenced by explorers hoping to conquer Mount Everest. Your students will discover the history and life of the Sherpa People and develop their views on whether they believe these influences have been positive or negative. The environmental impacts are discussed with the support of a newspaper article which explores how the Sherpa People have cleared over 6500lbs of debris left behind by explorers.

The Quechua Tribe live in the Andes Mountains where they farm vegetables and keep cattle. Your students look specifically at how the llama has adapted to life in mountainous areas and how this may evolve as the Earth’s climate changes. They also look at how the Quechua have evolved slightly larger hearts and lungs compared to themselves and how this helps them live in the high mountainous environments.

A range of individual and group activities are incorporated within these worksheets, including, gathering research from print and video, annotating their thoughts and ideas, and developing arithmetic skills.

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