Professional Development: Gung-Ho! Leadership Book Study or Field Guide

Educators, from novice to veteran, will all reap benefits from participating in this book study/field guide experience in an on-going professional development activity. This resource can be utilized and implemented in many different facets and scenarios.

The following are a few examples of its implementation:

(1) An independent professional development completed by oneself to improve his/her leadership skills;

(2) A small group, possibly a PLC, of colleagues who work together either in a grade level or department/content area who want to improve leadership skills;

(3) A group of novice administrators looking to improve his/her leadership skills;

(4) A superintendent with a group of school site administrators who want to collectively improve leadership skills; and

(5) A literacy coach who is coaching to improve the leadership skills of a cadre of teacher leaders.

The following can be found in this resource of 50 pages:

(1) A summary of the three fables;

(2) An introduction of the entirety of the story/fable for the reader;

(3) A character’s list for the reader;

(4) Charts to complete that correspond to specified pages and activities;

(5) Approximately 130 discussion questions to complete as the fables are read and discussed in small group;

(6) Fill-in-the-Blank statements that correspond to specified pages within the story;

Activities to Complete Include the Following:

(1) Activity 1: “Worthwhile Work”

(2) Activity 2: “Meaningless Jobs”

(3) Activity 3: “Commitment and Buy-In”

(4) Activity 4: “Values vs. Goals”

(5) Activity 5: “Hold or Roll”

(6) Activity 6: “What’s Our Why?”

(7) Activity 7: “What’s Your Mantra?”

Additionally, there are 10 mini-posters to illustrate each of the three fables and utilize, when needed, for small group discussion.

Gung-Ho! as you all work through this professional development activity regarding improving your leadership skills!

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