Short E CVC Posters

Short E CVC Posters

Short E CVC Posters from I Heart Grade 3 are a set of colorful and engaging posters designed to help children learn to read and spell words with short E vowel sounds. These posters feature fun illustrations and clear, easy-to-read text, making them an excellent resource for young learners.

Each poster in the set focuses on a different short E word family, such as -en, -et, -ed, and -ell. By displaying these posters in your classroom or at home, children will be able to see the patterns and similarities between words in each family, which can help them to quickly recognize and decode new words.

Print these Short E CVC Posters on high-quality, durable cardstock to make making them a long-lasting and reliable educational tool. They are also designed with a simple, uncluttered layout that helps to eliminate distractions and keep children focused on the task at hand.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for a way to enhance your phonics lessons, or a parent hoping to help your child improve their reading and spelling skills, the Short E CVC Posters from I Heart Grade 3 are a fantastic resource that can help your child to become a confident and proficient reader.

This file includes full coloured and blackline masters of the short e sounds for the following families:

* EB

* EP

* ED

* EG

* EM

* ES

* EN

* ET

All items represented are VOWEL CONSONANT VOWEL words.

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